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JIRAVEdc and FLAMEONfootmate

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NAVAJO footmate/ Flower Field footmate /Nature series/ Cowgirl series/ PURPLEdition
"I …….. series by @FLAMEONfootmate because …………. (image link)"
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1pc OMNA02 (our newest collection “RECALLING”) 
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1. creativity
2. entries

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❂(mention 1) 
❤ MAKING "QUOTE(s)" @FLAMEONfootmate x @JIRAVEdc GIVEAWAY!!! (-quote image)
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I ❤ "PURPLEdition" series by @FLAMEONfootmate because they r very cute >.<!! (image link)

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i have joined making "quote(s)"GIVEAWAY & all of @JIRAVEdc & @FLAMEONfootmate's websites/accounts (Kikko; Bandung)

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